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ShanghaiTech believes innovation comes from collaboration. Interdisciplinary research is highly valued and ShanghaiTech faculty are encouraged to collaborate across disciplines and schools. Our location stone's throw distance from the high-tech R&D labs and national research facilities of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park naturally fosters a collaborative relationship between the university, national research facilities and multi-national industry partners. Through linking innovative research to development and commercialization, ShanghaiTech hopes to play an important role in finding innovative solutions to address China’s most pressing challenges.

ShanghaiTech University is playing an important role in the construction of national facilities in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, such as the Free Electron Laser Facility, the Live Cell Imagining Facility and the Ultra-Intense and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Facility initiated by the Zhangjiang National Science Center.


Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) members
Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) members
Nobel Laureates