Twinkle Khanna Just shut the fu*k up and don’t dare write shit about my religion.

Twinkle Khanna a failed actress and the wife of Akshay Khanna has many times mocked Hindu religion and the Hindu festivals. Her husband Akshay Kumar has taken the Canadian Citizenship by dropping Indian Citizenship (India Doesn’t allow dual citizenship) just because he liked the roads there. Despite he comes from a father who was in Indian Army and despite doing so many patriotic roles Patriotism didn’t imbibe in him. But the best part with Akshay Kumar is that he doesn’t blabber much. He always gives politically correct answers and saves himself from Social Media. He gets all the fame by doing one or two social works. Can you believe he doesn’t know that his wife is writing something very demeaning about Hindus and Hinduism?

In 2015 Twinkle Khanna wrote a very very demeaning article about Karwachauth. In that Article Twinkle Khanna said, “Karwachauth is a torturous fast.” And this time again Twinkle Khanna wrote tweets which are very very demeaning:

At a recent award function, she spoke about the festival as well. At the Vogue Women Of The Year Awards, Twinkle advised women to stop fasting on Karwa Chauth, explaining: “…On the mortality charts there are 147 countries above us where their men outlive our good old Indian dudes.”

So, she is all guns blazing against the festival of love.

As per Twinkle Khanna by 40 the women in India start finding another husband so there is no point fasting for them. Well, Twinkle Khanna in India the divorce rate is the least. We Hindus followBhagwan Shri Ram Chandra and Sita Mata. Most of us get hitched arranged and still we stay together for our lives. Yes, maybe in your Film Industry people get married to have fun. For us Hindus marriage is a serious matter.

Despite being from the film industry you didn’t divorce Akshay Kumar as yet. You are 42 and he is 50 but still, you both are together. You divorce Akshay first before preaching Hindu women.

You project yourself as a strong woman but that’s the biggest lie you are yelling to yourself and to the public as well. If you were strong you would have left Akshay the moment he SLAPPED YOU IN PUBLIC.

An Author Holy Cow who calls herself a Normal Indian Woman gave Twinkle a fitted reply:

High time you shut your fortunate mouth and keep your deranged logics from my religion and my culture. You may think of yourself as a groundbreaking author on account of your high profile contacts – but allow me to burst the bubble for you – you ain’t $h*t. There, I said it. You were an unsuccessful actress and failed miserably at being a wife too. If you were at all the strong woman you project yourself to be, you would have left Akshay Kumar way back – you didn’t, because you are weak and are bereft of any self-respect. You knew you would only be in news as long as you are Mrs. Akshay Kumar and hence you held on to the man who slapped you with a very public adultery.

You, in the guise of feminism, want to dissuade me from Karwachauth– why don’t you talk your old hag of a mother, battling her post menopause depression by sabotaging another woman’s home, out of this extra marital affair instead. If I saw picture of my mother, flirting with a married man at 60, I’d hang my head in shame. But my mother is busy preparing for her Karwachauth, grateful for her blissful matrimony, a thing that bestowed neither upon you nor your mother. Again, I do not blame you for taking that huge dump on Karwachauth, for I know you don’t know the first thing about family and the myriad emotions it entails. Didn’t your father abandon your mother for Tina Munim and then choose to spend the remainder of his life with a different woman? Wasn’t your mother playing peek-a-boo with Sunny Deol when you and your sister were younger? Damn, even your husband cheats on you with Priyanka Chopra, who, I have to be honest, is not one bit prettier than you. Clearly, you are clueless of how a functional family works, the traditions it revers and the values it holds close to heart.

But I love how you try your best to be a woman’s woman – the empowered kind. But why this lopsided love only for the Hindu women, Twinkle? Why not show some support for my Muslim sisters too, my Muslim sisters who are not allowed to fashion their hair or visit the beauty parlor, my Muslim sisters who have had their clitoris chopped off, my Muslim sisters who don’t get to walk the street in an outfit of their choice and get a hijab draped around their heads at the age of three, my Muslims sisters who had to share their husbands with three other wives, my Muslim sisters who are sold like cattle to rich sheikhs thrice their age in Hyderabad – why no love, no support, no outrage, no nothing for them, Mrs. Funnybones? Oh, is it because it’s religious and off limits? And squatting over Hinduism every now and then and smearing our rituals with your verbal diarrhea is progressive?

While we are at it, let me brush up on another tangent. Remember how you took a dig at Yogi Adityanath’s Anti-Romeo Squad initiative? Let me tell you, you privileged princess living a life miles away from reality – I, as an ordinary woman living in regular India, approve of that initiative. As a college student, I couldn’t walk to the bus stop without my brother or father accompanying me on account of gangs of “romeos” hanging about the Pan Shops by the lanes of our regular neighborhood. You have never walked those streets – you wouldn’t know, you ignorant, far-from-ground-reality, entitled Bollywood elite! Didn’t your husband make a video on the Bangalore Mass Molestation last year? I am guessing you don’t know much about that either. Sharing life with your husband is a little different from sharing on twitter what he did when he forgot the anniversary.

Yes, Karwachauth doesn’t add to a mortal’s life – but it brings that little yet much needed glitter in the dull lives of a regular middle class woman. She doesn’t get invited to red carpet events, so Karwachauth allows her to reach for those forgotten jewelries and get dolled up like a bride again. And ask your good friend Karan Johar, how a Karwachauth sequence contributes to his oh-so-typical movies. #BoleyChuriyaBoleKangana

Anyway, I know you don’t have the guts to call out social evils that are screaming for help, go back to your palace and author another good for nothing book.

Yours not-so-sincerely

Regular Indian Woman, from regular neighborhood


  • Holy Cow! 

This was not it people on Twitter thrashed Twinkle Khanna as well:


And moreover, it is not forced on anyone that she has to be on fast. If she does it that’s great and if she doesn’t even that’s okay. When it is a choice then why are you demeaning those who wants to keep it?

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