Do you know the real reason why SC banned Crackers? No it’s not pollution. Check here.

Supreme Court has banned the sales of Fire Crackers in Delhi and NCR. And the moment Supreme Court has taken this decision there is a widespread Gung-ho started in the country against the ban. A huge number of people have started writing on social media platforms against the ban, a huge number of people have started seeing the court as an Anti-Hindu organization. A huge number of protests have started erupting. A lot of groups have been made which are donating firecrackers to the public of Delhi and a lot of people are giving their monetary help to such groups.

And just in few hours Tajinder Bagga collected more than 90,000 rupees for the free distribution of crackers in Delhi.

Now, that makes it very clear that people aren’t unanimously stood in support of the ban. We gave you above facts because that will help us later to clear a few points.

Now, lets start figuring out why Supreme Court has banned the sale of Fire Crackers in Delhi and NCR.

Just read the tweet:

A panel of Supreme Court judges sat on 12th September and said, “We don’t have any subsequent proof that tells us that Diwali Crackers is the main source of air pollution. So there is no need to take an extreme step of banning the Fire Crackers on Diwali” That you have read in the extract of 12th September attached in the tweet.

Supreme Court on 12th September said, “that data at its perusal does not warrant a full ban!” Then Why was it banned on Oct 9th?

Now when we have gone through the extract on 9th October we found two very hilarious reasons of banning the crackers on Diwali and Pollution is not the reason listed.

So on Diwali Supreme Court want to test and find out if it helps in fighting pollution or not. Supreme Court is not sure that this ban will fight the pollution but still to hurt the sentiments Court has taken the decision.

And the second reason is way too more hilarious:

There is a virtual Consensus which the Judges of the Supreme Court know. If there were a consensus then why would you see such a massive outrage against the Judgment my lord? Who told you about the consensus? Did you hold a referendum? If you have, then show us the results and why didn’t we participate in that? If you made the consensus just on the basis of what Barkha Dutt and Arundhati Roy and people alike think then My Lord you are wrong in your judgment and you are not an apt choice to get the seat of an SC judge.

You can’t make a virtual consensus by knowing the views of “Pinky Aunty” and “Sharma Ji Ka Beta”. If there were a consensus there wasn’t this massive outrage against the decision and there weren’t people who start giving funds for the free distribution of crackers in Delhi Slums.

Now, let us dig further and understand what made the Judges change their decision. As on 12th September, the judges were against the ban on sales of Diwali crackers and on 9th October they are in favor of ban. What happened in these 27 days which provoked Judges to take the decision?

What can it be? New Data? New Research? Well to your surprise its none of what you are thinking.’

Just Hold Your breath and check this:

The learned counsel for petitioners has made an emphatic and passionate please the My Lord says. So on the basis of how passionate the PLEA is My Lord thought to hurt the Hindu sentiments. Wow, that must have happened for the first time ever in the history. The passion of the plea changed the judgment.

Not just that, this Passionate plea lead to another conclusion as well. In the first extract i.e. the extract of 12th September 2017 we have seen Judges don’t have data to say if Diwali crackers contribute to the pollution but in the extract of 9th October they have written Diwali Crackers Choke the whole city.

The air quality deteriorates Abysmally and alarmingly. So, My Lord has calculated by his own calculations without any data without any research. My Lord if your decisions get affected by a mere fact what will the petitioner think then please leave the seat for someone better. To write such a judgment you don’t need Sharma Ji Ka Beta but a proper research, no?

And as per the research by IIT Kanpur, Diwali Crackers was not the real reason for pollution in Delhi. So, My Lord is not taking a point from tyhe research of the experts but going by the passion of petitioners.

Here is the data as per research:

So the IIT experts are wrong but the Passion of Petitioners is right.


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